This is a list of Add-on maps available on server #5. These are available at

Back to school
Beldurra 2
Blackout Basement
Blood Tracks
City 17 (l4d2)
Dead Before Dawn 2 DC
Dead City II
Dead Street
Death Sentence
Diescraper Redux
Die Screaming II
Dniepr: Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses
Escape From Valencia
Fallen L4D2
Freezer Burn
I Hate Mountains 2
Last call
Night Terror
Power Station 2
Redemption 2
Salt Hell Park
Tank Fever 1 Forever
Tank Fever 5
Tanks Playground
Urban Flight
Vienna Calling 1
Vienna Calling 2

** Start a lobby choosing the custom map you want, once you have set-up your lobby type: mm_dedicated_force_servers
in the console and hit enter, then start game.**