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    Due to a request from one of our SGC server owners and admins, I put up a NMRiH (No More Room in Hell) server on a system that I run a few servers on already (L4D, L4D2, CS:GO, and The Ship). Before I installed MetaMod (MM) and SourceMod (SM), I turned the server on to test it and almost immediately players started joining. Rather than shutting it off until I had everything ready, I left it on while I got the latest MM/SM and the plugins that I wanted to test installed. The game is an 8 player co-op and it was full.

    So I got everything as ready as I could and restarted the server. I only show about 250 servers in the server browser for NMRiH, but Madrat and Camman say they can see about 800, if I remember correctly. Regardless, the server stays pretty full most of the time. So, yesterday, I decided to put up a NMRiH server for Obsolete Superstars.

    Both servers have infinite ammo and a weapons menu by typing !guns in chat then hitting Esc to get to the "pop-under" menu. There are 2 types of maps, Survival (7) and Objective (5) for a total of 12 stock maps in the map rotation. If the servers stay popular to where custom maps are requested, I could see adding some maps at that time.

    I have also labeled it as OS #7, as OS #5 & #6 will be L4D and L4D2 respectively.

OS #7 =

SGC #27 =

Drakexz mmh, im not sure if i like the game / mod. i haven't played much, but to me, it seems more like a beta version of a...

OS Servers Have New IP

GeekLoco aWasp posted Jul 27, 13

The Obsolete Superstars TF2 servers now have a new IP address:

#1 =
#2 =
#3 =
#4 =
     Updated port info for #4 is on next line. -2013/10/10
#4 =

Please add these to your Favorites list.
If you have been banned and want to protest, there is a forum area for that. The link to it is below if you want to go straight to it.

It is also where you can report someone being a jackwagon or smurf in the server. Be specific when posting there. Screenshots and Demos are requested. Demos are HIGHLY recommended! YouTube videos aren't accepted for the most part, because they don't contain all the data that a Demo contains.

Also, if you aren't patient &/or smart enough to post in the correct forum area, but instead post in the wrong area or even worse, in the Shoutbox, you are just confirming that the ban was because you can't follow instructions or directions.

OS Servers Back Online

GeekLoco aWasp posted Jul 10, 13
There was a hardware failure, but Geekstrada got the OS TF2 Servers back online.

New OS Computer Is Online

GeekLoco aWasp posted May 17, 13
The new computer is online. OS #2 and #3 TF2 servers are now on the new computer and should run smoother. Let us know of any issues.
redOctober123 Love the new internet speed, before we would get those weird lag spikes.
Drakexz wow, the connection is amazing.
GeekLoco aWasp The new computer: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1045T Processor, 2700 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s); 8 GB RAM; Speedtest...
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